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It's been a hectic couple of years in both households of Burdizzo Books HQ. Not only have we had to deal with the same shit you guys have we've had our fair share of manure thrown on the dung heap. But we aren't here to dwell on that.

We are back and sexier than ever with the new revamped site which we'll being fucking about with continuously.

So much has gone on since Matty-Bob set the original site up and our I.T guy and Burdizzo regular, David Court, sexed everything up for us in his own special way.

First thing is the brand new, working, shop! Matty-Bob wants to clothe you head to toe in the Burdizzo Books brand. At the moment there are t-shirts but soon there will be all kinds of apparel. Also, there are plans afoot to sell all our books on here in physical and Ebook versions.

Watch this space, as they say

Love Matty-Bob & Em


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