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Whistling Past the Graveyard

“Lex Jones’ writing definitely has an air of those classic master storytellers – like James, Hodgson and Blackwood – about it, but make no mistake he’s a true modern original. His characterisation is spot on, the tales he tells make you think, and horror leaves you chilled. What more could you ask for? I see a bright future ahead for him, so get on board with his fiction now!”

Paul Kane, award-winning and bestselling author of Before, Sherlock Holmes and the Servants of Hell and Arcana.

“In Whistling Past the Graveyard, Lex H. Jones takes the reader's hand and leads them down a darkened path beset by Jamesian supernatural terrors and folk horror nightmares.”

Rich Hawkins, author of King Carrion and The Plague Series

Hot on the heels of his masterful crime-noir novel The Other Side Of The Mirror, and his Lovecraftian children’s book The Old One And The Sea, Sheffield’s very own Lex H. Jones gets back to his horror roots with his first short story collection Whistling Past The Graveyard, published by Burdizzo Books. You will need a spine of steel not to feel the uncanny dread creeping in as you read his tales of highwaymen on haunted moors, séances gone awry, dead rising from the grave, desolate seas and abandoned shopping malls. Like a Victorian ghost of past, present and alternate reality, Lex’s stories get under your skin and leave you lighting another candle to ward off the dark.

A hilltop cemetery where the dead just won’t stay sleeping. An ill-fated voyage to an uncharted region off the coast of Iceland. An English village reminded of its heritage through the discovery of ancient bones.These tales and more can be found within the first short story collection from author Lex H Jones. Light the fire, make yourself a comforting drink, make sure the doors and windows are lined with salt, and settle in to enjoy this gathering of haunts and horrors.


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