Below is the complete selection of anthologies by Burdizzo Books.




12days: Stocking Fillers 

Burdizzo Books' first ever charity anthology, a horror anthology of SEASONAL and NOT SO SEASONAL delights. With a short story by horror legend Graham Masterton! 

12days: 2016 

2016 saw the launch of Burdizzo Books 12days anthology. It began with twelve stories based on each day of the twelve days of Christmas. These are those stories in a collected separate volume. Each year we plan to rewrite these with different authors.


12days: 2017 

12days is back once again with twelve more versions of each line from the famous Christmas song. See what wonders they inspired this year. ALL PROCEEDS GO TO CYSTIC FIBROSIS TRUST

The Reverend Burdizzo's Hymnbook 

From all over the world, from every race and nationality there are many different religions and beliefs. Hymns tell tales of myriad gods. Angry gods hurling fire and brimstone at the disbelievers, promising eternal damnation in hellish post-life realms. Others sing praises of ancient feet treading on freshly tilled earth, spreading happiness and love.
Reverend Burdizzo has rounded up a congregation of voices to sing to you these new hymns. Come join him in his choir and sing these new songs of praise. They will put the fear of God into you.


Under The Weather 

What do you do when it's raining cats and dogs... and pigs and whales? Take refuge in 15 stories of wild and wicked weather.
They will freeze you to the core, they will soak you to the bone.
You will find no pot of gold at the end of this rainbow, no sunshine after the rain. Just thunder and lightning that's very, very frightening.
There's a storm coming...

Featuring stories by
C. H. Baum - David Court - Paul M. Feeney Peter Germany - Paul Hiscock - Dave Jeffery James Jobling Lex H. Jones Kitty Kane Christopher Law Adam Millard Dale Robertson Nathan Robinson Phil Sloman Mark Woods


SPARKS! An Electrical Horror Anthology For Autism 

This is a public service announcement on behalf of Burdizzo Books.
Ghosts in the machine? Killer currents? Demonic disturbances?
Then you need Sparks!
Keep your family safe from bulbs and batteries that go bump in the night by reading Sparks. 15 electrifying tales of horror, sci-fi, bizarro and fantasy. Visit post-apocalyptic nightmare worlds, listen to recordings of the dead, feel the friction of electric lady love and be struck by lightning from the past.
Plug in, turn on, tune in and get buzzed.
Sparks – it’s alive!


Burdizzo Mix Tape Vol 1 

Burdizzo Book's Matty-Bob and Em invited some of their favourite indie authors to write stories inspired by their most beloved songs. The result is The Burdizzo Mix-Tape Vol.1, their most diverse anthology yet. These are tunes that resonate from the beach to the mountains, from rain dogs to spirits in the sky, from Old Ones to cold ones. Be it multi-dimensional romance across space and time, Cold War sexual paranoia, campfire cowboys, gypsy caravans or demented disco balls, there is a song for everyone within these pages.
If music be the food of love, read on.



ThIs Is NoT a NoRmAl AnThOlOgY…

If you are expecting a neat, predictable set of stories TURN BACK NOW
If you want horror but hate bizarro or getting “the feels” THEN STEP AWAY
This collection of tales is what happens when one man’s art meets 12 authors fiction, and when writers are free to ignore their genre of choice and typical story conventions.

12 eye-challenging op-art designs were used to inspire these 12 mind-bending stories, which contain everything from futuristic sci-fi to fantastical comedy, and heartfelt life musings to near-cosmic nihilism.


A mysterious suicide.
An airbus A380 heads over the Colorado mountains, before crashing through the snow clouds.
The only bridge over the River Styx is taken out.
No phones, no internet, no communication with the outside world.
Then things start to get strange.
Welcome To A Town Called Hell.

This collaborative collection of short stories takes place over the last seven days in Hell. Poisonous green slime, murderous rampages, talking trees, rogue wolf-packs – the residents of Hell are having a bad week.

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Novels & Novellas by Burdizzo Books 


The Children at the Bottom of the Gardden - Jonathan Butcher 

At the edge of the coastal city of Seadon, behind a dilapidated farmhouse surrounded by rotten trees, something titters and calls.
The Gardden.
Its playful voice promises games, magic, wonders, lies – and roaring torrents of blood.
The Gardden speaks not only to its eccentric keeper, but also to the deviants of Seadon’s criminal underworld: a restless goth, a cheating waster, a sullen concubine, a perverted drug baron, and a murderous sociopath.
Haunted by shadowed things with coal-black eyes, they’ll soon be lured to a place where nightmares become flesh, secrets rise from the dark, and a voice coaxes them to play and stay, yes yes yes, forever.

Demon Thingy - Jonathan Butcher & Matthew Cash 

What do you get if you cross a knobless wizard with a team of radioactive religious fanatics, a foul demon, a coven of senile, pervy devil worshippers, and the world’s crappiest con men?
This book.

Cursed from a young age, Seamus has since spent his life practising - and cocking up - the mysterious occult arts. When one day he happens upon a book offering him the chance to wreak vengeance upon the demonic entity who stole his dangly bits and reversed his digestive system, he didn’t think twice.
Unfortunately, Seamus’s decision to summon the legendary Nameless One will endanger not only his life, but also his next door neighbour’s.
Oh - and the fate of the universe, too.
And so begins a caper that will squish your brains into mush, make blood erupt from your nether regions, and squirt every other bodily fluid out through your ears, nose and tear ducts.
Surely you don’t want to miss that, right?


After Us - Em Dehaney 

The dead never stayed buried in New Orleans.After Us, The Flood is a nightmare tale set among the drowned buildings of Hurricane Katrina. Can Low Jenkins and his small band of jazz fiends and party animals survive the flood? Something is stirring in the water...With bonus story 'Mama's Here.' Which is stronger? A mother's love, or the hatred that burns at 3am?"Em Dehaney nailed it with this NOLA tale - an horrific bite of The Big Easy." Lydian Faust, author of Forest Underground

The Wassailers - Em Dehaney

On a moonshadow wintry night,

When the sky is a lake of black ink

Afloat with the bloom of the dying light,

The Wassailers will come to drink.

Em Dehaney's evil Christmas poem The Wassailers is a traditional folk-tale with a terrifying twist, warning of the dangers of modern greed and consumerism.

Krzysztof Wronski's pen and ink illustrations are dark, dense and dripping with old world menace.

Burdizzo Books have brought the two together, along with foreword by Graham Masterton, in this gruesome yet gripping festive nightmare.

Curl up by the fire, fill your cup with mulled wine and pray The Wassailers never knock on your door...


The Little Exorcist - Alys Daddi

Molly's Dad has always been a practical joker, a proper wind-up merchant, his sense of humour holds no bounds and when, what he thinks is, a trick at his expense backfires he is left feeling unusual. Wayne's silliness stoops to new and more juvenile levels but strangely he professes to having no recollection of this behaviour. Things go from silly to strange when these events turn into regular blackouts and Wayne reveals secrets from his past that may have implications on his present day mental health. With his family and friends trying to support him and come to terms with living with someone who may have a Dissociative Identity, or Multiple Personality Disorder it's only his daughter Molly who wonders if there is more to his illness than the psychiatric team can deal with.



Below are the complete works of Burdizzo Books founder Matthew Cash



All villages have their secrets Brantham is no different.
Twenty years ago after foolish risk taking turned into tragedy Shane left the rural community under a cloud of suspicion and rumour. Events from that night remained unexplained, memories erased, questions unanswered.
Now a notorious politician, he returns to his birthplace when the offer from a property developer is too good to decline. With big plans to haul Brantham into the 21st century, the developers have already made a devastating impact on the once quaint village.
But then the headaches begin, followed by the nightmarish visions.
Soon Shane wishes he had never returned as Brantham reveals its ugly secret.


Hi I'm God. And I have a confession to make.
I live with my two best friends and the girl of my dreams, Persephone.
When the opportunity knocks we are usually down the pub having a few drinks, or we’ll hang out in Christchurch Park until it gets dark then go home to do college stuff. Even though I struggle a bit financially life is good, carefree. Well they were.
Things have started going downhill recently, from the moment I started killing people.



The old aged pensioners of Boxford are very set in their ways, loyal to each other and their daily routines. With families and loved ones either moved on to pastures new or maybe even the next life, these folk can get dependant on one another.
But what happens when the natural ailments of old age begin to take their toll?
What if they were given the opportunity to heal and overcome the things that make every day life less tolerable?
What if they were given this ability without their consent?

When a group of local thugs attack the village's wealthy Victor Krauss they unwittingly create a maelstrom of events that not only could destroy their home, but everyone in and around it.
Are the old folk the cause or the cure of the horrors?




Ever wondered what would happen if a celebrity faked their own death and decided they had changed their minds?
Two years ago publicly shunned comedian Diddy Dave Diamond convinced the nation that he was dead only to return from beyond the grave to seek retribution on those who ruined his career and tainted his legacy.
Innocent or not only one person survived Diddy Dave Diamond's last ever game show, but the forfeit prize was imprisonment for similar alleged crimes.
Prison is not kind to inmates with those type of convictions and as the sole survivor finds out, but there's a sudden glimmer of hope.
Someone has surfaced in the public eye claiming to be the dead comedian.


Five people wake up in a warehouse, bound to chairs.
Before each of them, tacked to the wall are their witness testimonies.
They each played a part in labelling one of Britain's most loved family entertainers a paedophile and sex offender.
Clearly revenge is the reason they have been brought here, but the man they accused is supposed to be dead.
Opportunity knocks and Diddy Dave Diamond has one last game show to host and it's a knock out.



When Courtney and her friends accidentally vandalise one of their town's forgotten historical landmarks, they unleash something sinister, poisonous and hell-bent on revenge.
Old Ma Lacey, the last woman to be burnt as a witch in this state, has awoken and she's brought her babies.



Little Stevie just wanted a friend to help make snowmen, snow angels and have fun and games with. Ever unpopular and often lonely a lot of experiences most children his age have passed him by. A heavy winter brings the town to a standstill and he seeks the opportunity to play in the snow, but something else is already playing in the snow and the game it is playing is deadly enough to destroy Mankind.



Darren Johnson has had a bad run of things lately, his girlfriend has left him and he's fast becoming a gibbering drunk. A pang of inebriated sympathy plucks at his heart strings when he sees a persistent little fella equally down on his luck. He invites him in, maybe it's the companionship they both need to get through their bad times. Things go from bad to worse and it all seems due to the cat that came in from the cold. Is this cat the cause of pushing Darren down the last few rungs of life's ladder so he hits rock bottom, or just bad luck? Is this cat an ordinary feline or a living curse, the demonised demigod from ancient lore and folk songs? Whatever it is, no matter what the odds, there's one thing Darren soon learns, the cat always comes back.



When Sebastian Krauss goes back to his birthplace to scatter his parents ashes all is not as it seems.




Walsall, once named the fattest town in UK, has a major sewerage problem. Like the arteries of many of its inhabitants,the main sewer is fast becoming blocked. A fatberg of record proportions has formed and finally clogged up the sewerage system.
But something foul and gluttonous awaits them buried deep in the thick, greasy rank smelling lard.


Great Bald Eagle may sound like a really cool name for a native American Indian and if he had have stayed, or even grew up in the settlements of his forefathers then things might have different. But time moved on, his forefathers spread about a bit and eventually Great Bald Eagle was born. GBE, Jeebee, to his friends, was raised by native Americans that were so far from their ancestry they barely knew anything about it apart from the fact that they used to call their kids noble heroic names such as Geronimo and Dances With Wolves. Jeebee came out bald, alopecia, so they thought they would give him a majestic name to help him rise heroically throughout his life. They were wrong.
Ever the brunt of jokes by everyone, within Jeebee grew a hatred for hair, and the money, imagery and importance it had gained over the millennia. People spent thousands of hours grooming, preening, washing, drying, straightening, curling. It was fine when it was mostly the ladies doing it but when this new wave of hipster surfaced, where man would spend even longer in front of the mirror with lotions and potions it burst something inside of that had lying dormant all his life. Jealousy.
With inspiration from his ancestral blood playing a heavy part, Great Bald Eagle, Jeebee to his friends, is going to make these hairy bastards pay.
The Wrath of the Mighty DeadBeard is about to befall beardkind.



Sandy thinks there's something wrong with her resident's new hearing aid. It's picking up numbers that only he can detect.
Evil carer Lisa thinks he's just an attention seeking senile old imbecile.
They're counting down, but to what?


Jacob's hearing voices.
Voices from the future.
Voices claiming that he has the power to save the majority of Europe from a deadly virus.
Are they part of his imagination, or something far more fantastic?



In the closing months of the Second World War Lieberman will investigate anything if there is a possibility of it aiding his country's successful victory over Europe, even the supernatural.

Deep within the heart of the Black Forest there lives a family with a dark secret, after generations of living reclusive it is about to be exposed by the worst kind of people.

Aging scientist Victor Krauss can not believe what they have found. For fear of retribution against him and his wife it is up to him to discover their secret biology, and find out whether it can be replicated, and how it works, whatever the costs.


Zoë just wants to go home after a hard week of work. Netflix, pyjamas, and junk food beckon.The prospect of catching the last bus is always daunting but seven days of relaxation and revision seem like a worthy prize at the end of another journey of drunken idiots, weed clouds and loud unwanted music.But there's someone special on board, what starts as an act of human kindness descends into a madness more viscous and evil than she could ever imagine.


TESCO a-go-go

All Dave and Ian want to do is get pissed, listen to metal, and fantasise about girls way out of their league in the best rock pub in Walsall — The Trough. But when Dave accidentally incites the wrath of a Hell's Angel-wannabe, they find themselves with bigger fish to fry. They have The Beast on their tails.


Dave and Ian find it hard enough to rescue themselves let alone any damsels in distress. But that's okay. This is The Trough, baby, where the women are Valkyries, Viking shield-maidens, and punch harder, drink heavier and talk dirtier than any of the men. 


In an action-packed romp that's more Stan and Ollie than Bill and Ted (oh, and which is bombarded with bad language, alcohol abuse, masturbation, blackmail, porn, and a mobile library), this is

TESCO a-go-go!




Another collection of Matthew Cash's short stories, poetry and musings; some of which featured in numerous anthologies, some which he discovered covered in dust and crusted tissues beneath his mattress.


For the first time ever all of Matthew Cash's Kindle short story releases are together in this new compendium. Included amongst the Kindle shorts are previously unreleased stories, poems and autobiographical encounters.

Delve into this collection now and then or devour in one sitting, these are tales of terror with a touch of the dark humour that Matthew Cash is infamous for, plus more sentimental offerings that you may not have yet discovered.


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