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On the Winter’s Solstice of 1569, the villagers of Smith’s Booth hang three of sisters, accused of witchcraft. Their mother curses the village before stepping into their funeral pyre, while the sheriff spares Calena, the fourth and youngest of the sisters, placing her into The Church’s care.
Three hundred years later, the Archer family return in search of their sister’s corrupt soul and the family’s ancient grimoire.
On the same night, Victoria Wellsby comes of age, receiving a pendant that belonged to her dead mother. By Christmas Day, she will discover her twin sister and her family’s terrible secret. Heartbreak and loss will throw her into the centre of an age-old battle of Good v Evil.
And all the while, the crows will be watching.
“Your deeds of this day will cast a shadow long into your tomorrows!”

The Day Before YOU Came-KINDLE.jpg


When Philippa spots the bungalow it's love at first sight —and she is filled with the sense of safety and warmth whenever she's there. She's not a believer in the supernatural, unlike her best friend, Niamh, but she has to admit there is a energy about the bungalow, a vibrancy that fills her with joy. 


Her boyfriend, Ryan, is an angry waste of space, a compulsive liar and petty criminal. He's not frightened of anything - living or dead.


Roger and Vera have been married for years. Everything is a slog, everything is a burden, to Roger, anyway. Having to spend the majority of his life living with his elderly mother-in-law is enough to make anyone bitter. 

Vera puts up with her husband even though he doesn't hear the strange noises in the house.

The everyday tedium continues until Roger devises a way to get rid of his mother-in-law.



It's been a hard couple of years for the lot of us, and words, in both the written and the vocal form, have become a struggle at times. My muse caught coronavirus not long after the first lockdown but I learned a long time ago that our writing ability is like a muscle, it needs regular exercise or else it atrophies.

This collection is made up of bits and pieces to tide you over until the next proper book comes out: random little snippets, stories, thoughts, memories, and worries that I've forced myself to put down on paper for fear of that muscle atrophy

Short Stories include:

One Night in Digbeth


Jeff and Sylvia


Matthew Cash is back with a new collection of poetry, short stories and confessions. Withering social commentary, coming of age and coping with covid - all delivered with the unique combination of bleak comedy and heart that has become Cash's calling card. 

Em Dehaney, author of Food of the Gods, Searcher of the Thames, Ten Minute Warning

An intriguing look into the mind of Matthew Cash, this mini-collection serves as a series of vignettes, depicting all manner of life and horror. From heartfelt poetry and musings to short stories and thought-provoking extracts, this book will leave you wanting more.

Linda Nagle, author of Stranger Companies




A hilltop cemetery where the dead just won’t stay sleeping. An ill-fated voyage to an uncharted region off the coast of Iceland. An English village reminded of its heritage through the discovery of ancient bones.These tales and more can be found within the first short story collection from author Lex H Jones. Light the fire, make yourself a comforting drink, make sure the doors and windows are lined with salt, and settle in to enjoy this gathering of haunts and horrors.

Lex Jones’ writing definitely has an air of those classic master storytellers – like James, Hodgson and Blackwood – about it, but make no mistake he’s a true modern original. His characterisation is spot on, the tales he tells make you think, and horror leaves you chilled. What more could you ask for? I see a bright future ahead for him, so get on board with his fiction now!

Paul Kane, award-winning and bestselling author of Before, Sherlock Holmes and the Servants of Hell and Arcana.

In Whistling Past the Graveyard, Lex H. Jones takes the reader's hand and leads them down a darkened path beset by Jamesian supernatural terrors and folk horror nightmares.

Rich Hawkins, author of King Carrion and The Plague Series

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